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Request a free quote and report valued at $500. Make the process easy by choosing the fire safety practitioners that give you the least headaches!

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Why 2020 Fire?

Less Headaches.

Sydney’s strata, facility and building managers know fire compliance is necessary. They also know just how frustrating, expensive and time consuming it can be dealing with incompetent and deceptive fire safety contractors. What should be straight forward and as clear as 20/20 vision can be anything but. That’s why 10 years ago we set-up 2020 Fire Protection. We take modern day technology and service to make fire compliance easier.

The company was built on the mantra of applying 20/20 vision to service – making fire protection easier for our clients. This means having a dedicated manager that knows your building inside-out. It’s making bookings with our service team simple, through online booking calendars. Having clear and transparent reporting you can count on. Most importantly, it means having a fire protection company that has your back 24/7 for any emergency!

There is no fire protection company that is more focused on customer service than 2020 Fire Protection. We provide all the info you need to achieve a simple, justifiable annual fire safety statement. #lessheadaches


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Choose a fire protection company you can trust. At 2020 Fire Protection, we pride ourselves on being upfront and transparent about your needs and costs. That’s why we offer free system condition summaries for your premises, and a quote that outlines what you need to keep your building occupants safe!

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Request a free quote and report valued at $500. Make the process easy by choosing fire safety company that gives you the least headaches!

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Client Case Studies

Our team has managed everything from residential walk-ups to high rise offices, the Eastern Distributor Tunnel and upgrades to Sydney International Airport. No matter the size, our team can provide world-class fire protection advice and ensure you are fully compliant. Click the buttons below to read about a client similar to you.

“Thanks Mike, we couldn’t have resolved this without your hard work!”
Inger, Premium Strata


Premium Strata


Residential Strata – High-rise - Parramatta


This 133 unit, mixed-use, residential tower requires monthly inspection and testing of their fire systems and equipment. As mandated by NSW law, the building needs to have all equipment maintained annually for the purposes of assessment for the annual fire safety statement.

2020 Fire Protection was engaged by the owners via Premium Strata to undertake the inspection and testing of this newly constructed building in accordance with AS1851-2012 - including accessing every apartment and every common area of the building.

During this testing, a large quantity of defects were identified that related to building works.

Examples of defects included:
  • All Fire doors having non-compliant gaps.
  • Valves to feed the hydrant systems fitted back to front – no fire-fighting water in certain situations.
  • Pressure reducing station omitted and valves in place causing building to shake when operated.
  • Flows and pressures to sprinklers inadequate to operate in accordance with the design.
  • Fire Pump for sprinklers not adequate to supply water to meet the sprinkler design.

2020 Fire Protection’s initial estimate to rectify the defects was $250k+.

Actions Taken

The defects noted as likely to be construction related were reported to the Strata Manager who, due to the building being under 2 years since completion, passed these to the developer for action.

The developer and builder argued the validity of these defects and said they related to maintenance and should be fixed by the owners who had just moved in. The developers questioned 2020 Fire Protection’s competence, they argued that they had an engineer who had passed it, they argued that council had accepted the building and the like.

Over a 2 year period following the initial report, 2020 Fire Protection’s team attended site more times than can be counted; met with the developers, the owners, the builder and the Strata Manager, received rulings from the regulatory authorities, were abuse verbally and in-writing by the developers as to the competence of our advice.

The easiest thing would have been to walk away.


2020 Fire Protection proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the defects were construction related. We negotiated directly and through strata, council and the Fire Brigade to prove this and we helped the Strata Manager force the developer and builder to fix those defects.

2020 Fire Protection saved the owners $250,000+ in repairs, but MORE importantly;

2 years after our initial report, there was a balcony fire. Just like the ones you’ve seen on the news that have destroyed buildings and lives. The sprinkler system, which was fixed due to 2020 Fire’s competent reporting, worked correctly, extinguished the fire and the damage was minimal.

“That was a tough project, but 2020 Fire did an amazing job getting it across the line under incredible pressure”
Michael, Intermain
Senior Project Manager




Commercial Office – 10 floors – Sydney CBD


This heritage building, built in 110 years ago, was being used for C grade office space. The owners wanted to convert it to A-grade space that reflected the industrial style of yesteryear. To do this required a significant upgrade to all the services in the building – including fire protection.

The design was done and the tender won, when planning discussions between the project manager, fire engineer, certifier and 2020 Fire Protection which identified that that the designs provided would not fit in the building, nor meet the deem-to-satisfy requirements of the BCA and may impinge upon the viability of the project. The issues related to the building having been inaccurately categorised as low-rise (under 25metres); yet it was actually high-rise (above 25 metres) and the impact this would have on the systems to be installed – particularly relating to the water supplies for hydrants and sprinklers.

Actions Taken

2020 Fire Protection on behalf of the owners and our client, went directly to the fire engineers and certifier and discussed, negotiated and planned a hybrid system that could be validated under a Fire Engineering Solution accepted by the Certifier and the regulatory Authorities.

This required significant greater interfacing with council and other authorities, having to dig up a major street – including removing a tree and working around live gas, power, fibre-optic internet back-bone cables, heritage sandstone and many other services.


The floor space and structural impact of the originally required tanks were removed, freeing up valuable lettable space for the owner’s long-term benefit and delivering a compliant building, safe for many more years of occupation.

“The replacement of the damaged deluge pipe was completed with great success. Rob from 2020 Fire & and his crew did an excellent job”
Andrew, Ventia
Electrical Supervisor




Road Tunnel


2020 Fire was engaged to undertake the inspection and testing of all fire services in this major arterial road-tunnel in Sydney. At 11:23pm during scheduled night-closures and during regular testing to ensure the systems work, a 200mm deluge pipe in the tunnel broke, flooding the roadway, cross-passage and comms/ valve room with 7000 litres per minute of water.

The comms/valve room contained sub-panels that controlled the fire detection and suppression for that part of the tunnel, 10 valves that controlled the deluge systems, lighting controls, signage controls, telephony and more. They were all flooded and almost all electrical controls damaged or destroyed.

Without these operating, the tunnel may not be operated – meaning hundreds of thousands of Sydney-siders may be delayed in getting to work the next day.

Actions Taken

Immediately that the pipe failure was known, 2020 Fire Protection dispatched staff to shut off the main pumps, isolate the mains either side of the break and then re-commission the rest of the tunnels fire system.

Once the comms room power was made safe, 2020 Fire Protection entered the room and assessed the condition of the fire systems within.

The fire detection system panel was destroyed by water and therefore could not detect heat, nor activate the 10 x deluge systems in the case of a fire. This panel is a custom-made unit, not available off-the-shelf. This meant a 500m section of the tunnel in both directions did not have an automatic deluge system as required to operate the tunnel safely.

2020 Fire Protection’s management came to site in the early hours of the morning and met with the tunnel management to brain-storm an outcome that would result in the tunnel being opened in the morning.

2020 Fire Protection established a local control centre for manual deluge operation with radios, radio back-up, air-quality monitoring, phone and computer in the sprinkler valve room in the tunnel, the tunnel operators forced-on the cameras in the area with no detection and monitored, plus stayed in contact with our staff in the tunnel, we shipped in spare parts from an alternative tunnel and started re-building the destroyed panel and we ordered the parts to rectify the original pipe blow-out.


The tunnel was deemed safe to open in the morning by the road control centre and Sydney’s already horrific traffic was not affected.

The deluge pipe was fixed the following night, re-pressurised and re-tested. The fire panel was re-built and brought back-on-line for automatic system operation by the end of that week, eliminating the need for on-site manual personnel.

The tunnel operators and Sydney-siders generally were spared huge inconvenience and associated costs by the quick thinking and solutions presented by 2020 Fire Protection.

Customer Testimonials


  • What is the risk to the owner if the annual fire safety statement is wrong?

    From July 1st 2020, you must use an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety); previously known as a CFSP. They must be accredited to endorse an Annual Fire Safety Statement for each type of essential fire safety measure on your premises (there are over 20 separate accreditation categories to maintain.) If they are an approved fire safety company, you reduce your risk regarding the accuracy and content of the statement. If your supplier is not accredited for all measures (assuming is not good enough), council will not accept the statement, you as the building owner take on the full risk of the annual statement incorrect issue and council may impose fines on the owners. This can have serious implications on your legal liability, insurance coverage, premiums, possible fire upgrade orders and the buildings’ ability to remain occupied.

  • How often do my fire extinguishers have to be checked?

    Australian Standard AS1851-2012, requires all extinguishers to be checked and tagged every six months. Depending on the type of extinguisher, they also need an overhaul every one to five years.

  • Do I need to issue an ‘Annual Fire Safety Statement’ to council?

    Yes. Every building other than class 1 (house) is required to provide an annual statement to council. This is required under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

  • How much does an annual fire safety statement cost?

    Every building will be different, so a fixed price is impossible without an inspection. You can be sure that every piece of fire equipment and every part of the building will need to be inspected and tested, so if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is opening the building owner and occupants to unnecessary risk.

  • So less headaches is guaranteed? What happens if I think you've caused more headaches than the last company completed an equivalent task?

    We fix it free and credit $200 off your next invoice.
    Please note that the $200 credit relates to subsequent work, after the job at hand.

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