We’re proud to announce that our Founder and CEO, Rob Broadhead has been elected to the National Board of the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA).

Rob has been in Fire Protection for 28 years. Most of these 28 years have been in leadership positions requiring strong strategic thinking.  As a long-term member of the FPA NSW Committee, Rob also contributes heavily to related property-industry bodies, including the NSW Building Commissioner’s Pillar 4 committee and many more.

Here are some quotes from Rob’s board membership election submission.

“Fire Protection should be one of the most trusted professions – here to keep people and property safe from fire.

Unfortunately, we are often NOT that trusted profession.  We all spend time fighting to prove our advice because our clients receive too many versions of the truth. We must be a unified industry striving to deliver consistent, professional advice.

We’ve bred distrust because low-quality providers haven’t been educated (or weeded out), we have few common goals to rally around, access to Australian Standards are expensive, education is left to individuals; and because of our industry diversity and not engaging ALL members, we often fight rather than support our peers.

FPA Australia is a great organisation, filled with passionate, technically competent personnel and members that achieve much; however, this is often not communicated regularly, clearly or effectively as possible.  Communication to drive engagement in all levels of the industry must improve; and this is my first aim in this position.

Education is my next area of passion and contribution. As our industry’s peak body, we must drive rapid and consistent education of ALL members. We must be open to improvement – irrespective of whether we’re 40 years or 4 months in fire.  This must also be the income that permits FPA Australia to invest in further professionalisation and promoting of the industry.”

Rob is NSW based, but is committed to supporting all FPA Australia members equally.

Congratulations Rob! We’re proud of our industry and your ongoing contribution to help raise industry standards.

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