In early 2010, after 18 years elsewhere in fire protection, Rob Broadhead had developed a passion for giving trusted advice and keeping people safe.

This passion led him to build his own team of people that were just as passionate as he was. The kinds of people that – by their very nature, would deliver his vision of a long-term approach to fire safety. The kinds of practical people that want things to be done right, for the long-term, not just boxes ticked – because people’s loved ones are relying on it. The kind of people that think no building is too big or small, what matters is the people inside.

After a decade of recruiting and training up some of the industry’s best professionals, giving trusted advice and keeping people safe remains at the heart of what we do.

Our name was born from “20/20 vision”. This means:

  • We see your fire system with clarity.
  • We are transparent in our reporting.
  • We visualise the building holistically to keep people safe.

All of this means we can commit to giving our clients less headaches that they’ve experienced before with fire protection services! #LessHeadaches.

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