Annual Fire Safety Statements

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Annual Fire Safety Statements

The Annual Fire Safety Statement or “AFSS” for short is the declaration made to council and the fire brigade, that all the fire protection systems and equipment in the building are still performing as they were designed and installed.

This is a process that uses the results of inspection and testing, but requires a formal audit process and focus. The focus of inspection could be stated as is it there and does it work’; whereas, the focus of an annual fire safety statement is thorough assessment by a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner to determine whether the entire system, building layout and installation still performs to the installation or ‘performance code’.

The performance code applicable could contain Building Code of Australia (BCA) references, Australian Standards and/or performance-based/ alternative solutions.

Each Essential Fire Safety Measure contains three (3) distinct items:
Name of Measure | BCA reference(s) | Australian Standard(s)Two common EFSM examples are:

  • Automatic Fire Suppression System (Sprinklers) | BCA E1.5 | AS2118.1-1999
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers | BCA E1.6 | AS2444-2001


2020 Fire Protection and/or others may have inspected and tested to AS1851-2012 and determined that these measures exist and work; a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP) must still attend, audit and verify whether the systems and equipment still perform as per the schedule. E.g. does the system match the current risk.

From July 1st, 2020, the Competent Fire Safety Practitioner engaged to endorse (sign-off) on each of those Essential Fire Safety Measures must be accredited to endorse that type of measure.

2020 Fire Protection is at the forefront of the accreditation process and has CFSP’s ready to endorse the measures at your site.

The process required post July 1st 2020 is significantly more complex than in years past. It will require physical visits to site every year and independent verification of the inspection and testing results.

2020 Fire Protection are leaders in explaining why the fire protection measures perform or don’t requires it and why it’s important to your life and building safety.

We make the complex Annual Fire Safety Statement process easier, so you have less headaches from fire protection.GET A QUOTE

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