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Please note that the NSW FPAS scheme for your AFSS requires an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) to also inspect a sample of units during the annual test.
This may result in more than 1 person attending a unit at once.

Social distancing, hand hygiene, mask wearing and our COVID procedures outlined on this page will be strictly adhered to at all times.

We have lead the industry with the first and best web-based booking and reminder system for access to residential and commercial units.

The Booking system has seen a benchmarked improvement in average unit access success-rate from 84% to 98%.

This success rate improvement over the systems used by our competitors, substantially reduces the cost to owners for re-inspections, reduces the chance of Annual Fire Safety Statement late-fees and takes pressure off strata managers. Who wouldn’t want this for their site!

Engage the fire industry leaders for your site – 2020 Fire Protection

See the following for our COVID-19 precautions for continued safe access to your apartment during this challenging time:
Field Work during Coronavirus

No Access and Re-Booking Fees

2020 Fire Testing Team