Strata Manager Interview: AFSS, Inspections & Testing.

Commercial Strata Manager at leading agency John Hill & Co, Shelagh Armstrong reviews the services we deliver to her clients.

Strata Manager Interview: AFSS, Inspections & Testing.
  • CLIENT:John Hill & Co
  • Project Type:Annual Fire Safety Statements, Inspections, Testing
  • BUILDING TYPE:Commercial Strata
  • Location:Sydney
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John Hill & Co is a dynamic and professional team specialising in commercial and industrial real estate sales and property management. Their team serve retail, industrial and commercial strata. The company has had a long association with 2020 Fire Protection.

Armstrong has managed the company’s commercial strata buildings since 2010. She enjoyed a long career in legal services before joining John Hill & Co in 2007 as Commercial Property Manager.

Her background in legal services shone through when she explained the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP&A Reg.) “This requires most buildings to produce an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). “This does not apply to some older buildings; however, if the older buildings are not up to standard, then council can request an inspection. This is where 2020 Fire Protection comes in - providing inspections and testing.”

“The AFSS is a document stating that all the fire protection measures on site be inspected and verified as continuing to perform as they were designed and installed. Inspections and testing are really at the heart of maintaining fire safety in buildings. They’re what give me peace of mind.”

Armstrong continued: “Usually there can be defects that relate to the building works and these are be identified during the inspection. Examples of defects can include fire doors having non-compliant gaps, or the flows and pressures of fire pumps being inadequate for the sprinkler design.

Also, the inspection could identify current fire protection, mechanical services, lift or other essential service providers that weren’t accredited in all measures.”

“There’s also the need to have guaranteed and professional annual inspections and testing so that we know that our client’s buildings are fire protected.”

Actions Taken

“For many of our clients, 2020 Fire has inspected and tested all fire protection measures from fire sprinkler systems, to smoke detection, fire doors, fire pumps, fire extinguishers and everything in-between. 2020 Fire Protection’s work in this area is governed by AS1851-2012, the most current Australian Standard for maintenance of fire protection systems. This standard outlines the procedure for fire system inspection and testing to ensure that all buildings fire protection systems work reliably.”

“We receive quotes on routine maintenance. The quotes detail what is needed and what the cost will be. This helps the body corporates in their budgeting.”

“2020 Fire Protection are very efficient in giving ample warning and sending out reminders to the body corporates and the residents when testing is scheduled.”

“Our sites are allocated the same Account Manager and Technicians each time and this means that they have become familiar with our buildings, making our job that much easier.”

“From our years of working with 2020 Fire Protection, whenever we have called, they’ve always followed up promptly and given direct answers and advice. This has enabled us to save time and act with clarity and confidence with our clients.”

“The staff we have dealt with have all been knowledgeable and easy to work with. They are proactive and explain technical aspects clearly and simply.”

“One of 2020 Fire Protection’s many strengths is their asset keeping. They’ve got strict protocols in place. Their testing team frequently check and report on our client’s fire protection assets as outlined in AS1851-2012. This way, when equipment is going out-of-date they’re proactive in replacing it, for example, fire extinguishers. To give you another example, there is an asset number on every light. If a light goes out, typically in a parking garage, an electrician can take note of the asset number and replace the light accordingly.”

“The history of testing is recorded and these records are held by 2020 Fire Protection.”


“Benchmarks are all set for future testing and we’re all clear as to what they are. This includes annual inspections and defect reporting. This saves me a large headache.”

“I can honestly say I have great confidence in 2020 Fire Protection and they have maximised the reliability of our client’s fire systems.“

“The reporting and job completion delivered to us by 2020 Fire has given me less hassles than previous fire protection experiences.”

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