Rony Zlochevsky is one of four owners in the block of units in Lane Cove. He is chairman of the strata committee of the body corporate. The body corporate, on behalf of the owners, agreed that the property required a major upgrade. The proposed building development submitted to Council required a significant upgrade to all the services in the building, including fire protection.

As part of the Development Application, Council required that the building improved the life and fire safety including improving fire rating of building components, installation of alarms, smoke detection, emergency & exit lighting, and sprinklers. A Fire Consultant defined the fire services and 2020 Fire Protection won the tender.

2020 Fire Protection on behalf of the body corporate liaised directly with the Council, the Fire Engineers and the Certifier. They discussed, negotiated and planned a system that could be validated under a Fire Engineering Solution accepted by the Certifier and the regulatory authorities.

Rony commented “This required significant interfacing with Council and other authorities. 2020 Fire’s participation was exceptional and they went way and beyond supporting the body corporate in their DA. They identified many Council requirements that were not applicable and then met with Council Fire Engineers, explaining why these requirements were not applicable. This saved lots of time, lowered the cost substantially and made the fire upgrade as headache free as possible.”

The upgrades included smoke alarms, portable fire extinguishers and emergency lighting but there was no need for fire engineered solutions, sprinklers, hydrants or emergency warning intercommunication systems. Individual fire detectors were installed in each unit and each common property location.

2020 Fire Protection delivered a professional, above average solution for the owner’s long-term benefit; a compliant building that’s safe for many years to come.

2020 Fire Protection have completed their work but the upgrade is still not completed. In the meanwhile, 2020 Fire Protection have submitted a proposal for ongoing fire protection services.

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