Council Fire Order Upgrades

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Council Fire Order Upgrades

Local Councils, as the regulatory bodies for buildings in NSW, are required by legislation to ensure all existing buildings are brought up to a current level of life safety. This means that for one of the reasons below, your building may be served with a council fire upgrade order:

  • DA, CDC or non-compliant AFSS submission.
  • Complaint regarding fire and life safety.
  • Random or planned Council site visit.

A Council Fire Order upgrade often requires the building improve the life and fire safety including improving fire rating of building components, installation of some alarms, smoke detection, emergency & exit lighting, sprinklers, etc.

Council has the legislative right to make this order, so owners receiving one should act immediately to get advice from 2020 Fire Protectionus as the scope and timeframe for compliance can only be effectively argued if the communication is started while the order is still in the 21-day proposal period.

Contact us for advice immediately if your building receives a council fire order upgrade.

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The challenge of upgrading is in finding a viable method to allow an old building, constructed with materials that would not be permissible under today’s building codes, actually meet a ‘current level of life safety’.

An example of this was a group of 4 storey, inner-city buildings that were constructed with wooden floors, wooden stairs and with no fire rating (e.g. no-segregation between apartments and common areas or between levels). To achieve a current level of life safety- equivalent to a current building which would be segregated and fire rated using concrete walls and floors; an automatic fire sprinkler system combined with smoke detection and occupant warning system was suggested as a method to reach current levels of life safety.

Simple upgrades could be minor, such as smoke alarms, portable fire extinguishers and emergency lights; however, complex ones could involve fire engineered solutions, sprinklers, hydrants, Emergency Warning and Intercommunication (EWIS) systems and the like.

2020 Fire Protection helps owners manage the fire upgrade process. Whether it be negotiating the most economical outcome or coordinating the installation; we are here to make your fire upgrade as headache free as possible.

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