COVID-19/ Coronavirus update- We’re open and here to keep people safe!

2020 Fire Protection recognises the impact Coronavirus is having on people and business.

As one of our core values is to “keep people safe”, we have implmented procedures to ensure we continue this essential service as normally as possible.

People are increasingly using their home as a workplace and therefore fire protection becomes more essential.

2020 Fire Protection has adapted in the following ways:

  • •Increased and enforced sanitary procedures for all contact with equipment and persons during routine testing and repairs- including:
    • Hand Sanitising between unit inspections.
    • Disposable gloves used between jobs.
    • 3 questions asked before unit entry regarding your sickness or quarantine status.
    • Hand washing between sites.
  • Adherence to the Australian Government’s latest health and safety advice.
  • Social distancing of at least 1.5 metres at all times.
  • No contact between staff to reduce the risk of spread within our company.
  • Office staff working from home with equivalent phone, computer, systems access and video-conferencing capability- catch us on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, phone or email.
  • Competent Fire Safety Practitioners now have their accreditation number and we’re keeping them separated so your AFSS obligations from 6th April can still be met.

We remain open and working harder than ever to keep you safe!

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