Fire Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

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Fire Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

Well maintained equipment is essential for a reliable fire protection system that keeps people safe. We can repair your fire system for a fair price and will always explain why that system or repair is important - and what Australian Standard requires it.

Common repairs and maintenance we carry out include:

  • Emergency Lighting replacements.
  • Fire door repairs.
  • Fire pump overhauls.
  • Fire Sprinkler pipe rectifications.
  • Smoke detector repair, replacement, cabling and programming.

No system is too small or large – we repair them all! 2020 Fire Protection explains the reasons why the repairs and maintenance is required - in plain-English. We are transparent and honest in our repair reporting to ensure we deliver you less headaches in fire protection.

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2020 Fire Protection can fix your fire pump, change a hose reel, repair a faulty fire panel and stop that leak.

We’ve replaced pipes, fire doors, hydrants and smoke alarms, overhauled fire extinguishers and sprinkler alarm valves. No job is too big or too small; we can fix them all!

Repairs and maintenance of your fire protection ensures that your complex building safety systems operate reliably for as long as possible.

2020 Fire Protection provides a 24 hour, 365 day emergency service with a 2 hour guaranteed attendance to contracted sites in Sydney Metro.

Maintaining fire systems and equipment keeps you and your building safe!

2020 Fire Protection is here to maintain your system to last as long as possible, but ready to attend and repair it if it breaks.

Call us for a quote on your next fire protection maintenance and repair requirement.

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Our Services

To maintain exceptional quality and deliver less headaches for our customers, 2020 Fire Protection focuses only on works to existing buildings.

Case Studies

Ventia Road Tunnel

2020 Fire Protection was engaged on 3 road tunnels for Ventia to deliver safe and reliable fire protection systems. Road-tunnels contain particularly complex fire systems and are unique in that fires occur far more often than regular structures. Below is an example of 2020 Fire Protection’s great service keeping one of Sydney’s major arterial roads open.


Newington College Upgrade

2020 Fire Protection was engaged by our long-term client – Newington College to extend the fire detection and EWIS systems through the Taylor Sports Centre and therefore allow the school greater control of their staff and students in an emergency.

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