2020 Fire Protection has, for the past seven years, provided testing and checking for eight buildings managed by the April Group. Their Head of Facilities Management kindly agreed to review our performance.

David has over 10 years of senior facilities management experience, specialising in commercial, residential and retail. He is accountable for the full range of facilities management services and minor capital works and has strong onsite building presence offering tenants a personalised concierge styled service.

April Group is a private property investment company specialising in investment and ownership of mixed-use assets within the Sydney City and City Fringe market. The group specialises in the acquisition, management and value add to commercial office buildings. The group is involved in strategic planning and execution of the facilities management portfolio and is accountable for a full spectrum of hard and soft facilities management services across cleaning, maintenance, security, OH&S, fire safety, space allocation and changes.

2020’s work is governed by AS1851-2012 – the most current Australian Standard for maintenance of fire protection systems. This comprehensive standard outlines the procedure for fire system inspection and testing. David emphasised “2020 Fire Protection have provided 100% full service and testing from top to bottom.”

David went on to say “they inspect and test all fire protection measures on a regular basis, from fire sprinkler systems, to smoke detection, fire doors, fire pumps, fire extinguishers and everything in-between. It has always been to our satisfaction. They have ensured that all fire protection systems remain working reliably, that the history of testing is recorded, and benchmarks are set for future testing. In a nutshell, 2020 Fire Protection, as mandated by NSW law, has maintained all our building’s equipment for the purposes of assessment for the annual fire safety statement.”

“To help minimise headaches for us, our sites, even though sprawled out, have been mostly allocated the same technicians each time. This way they have become familiar with the buildings and I have become familiar with them.”

“2020 Fire Protection are proactive and explain the technical aspects simply. They call and explain if something has gone wrong and talk through it in a language that can be understood by those not technically minded, for example, motors and valves. Their testing team check and report on all our fire protection assets.”

“When equipment is defective, Head Office sends a job sheet to me with an action report and a price. When I accept the quote, they are most responsive in coming out and fixing the defect.”

David concluded “overall, 2020 Fire Protection have been most professional and competent over a number of years and have certainly removed my headaches relating to testing and checking of fire equipment.”

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