Need to get an annual fire safety statement for your building? Doing a quick Google search will come up with pages and pages of fire protection companies in Sydney. Scrolling through them all is fine, but how do you go about selecting the best one for your needs?

Picking a fire protection company can be such a headache, many building managers just stay with the same outfit, year after year. Keeping the same fire guys seems like it’d be less hassle. 

However, how do you know you’re not paying more or getting less than you should be for fire protection? How can you know your building is really up to the latest standards in fire safety? And is the company you’ve picked doing everything they can to make your job easier?

In this article, we’ll cover what to look for in a fire protection company, and get some pointers for picking the best one for you.

Criteria for Choosing Fire Protection Companies in Sydney

For building managers, fire safety compliance is one of those very important, but time consuming tasks that has to be done each year. When you get the right professionals in, fire safety compliance becomes a straight-forward and easy task. 

A good fire safety company should:

How 2020 Fire Protection Makes Your Job Easier

Working with us is different from other companies. You won’t have to bounce around junior staff members, trawl through endless phone navigation menus or explain your needs more than once. That’s because when you hire us to look after your fire protection, you’ll get a dedicated manager who knows your building and systems. 

You can book our fire inspections online so they’re at the least disruptive time for your tenants. Our staff are true professionals, and make sure they’re in and out of each tenancy quietly and efficiently.

2020 Fire Protection Services Include:

  • Annual reports that are clear and easy to understand (and up to date with all the latest standards)
  • Annual fire safety statements to confirm your building is fully compliant
  • An online booking system  
  • A service guaranteed to be hassle-free and pleasant for everyone involved

At 2020 Fire Protection, we make sure you’re building’s fire protection is up to scratch and we keep your tenants happy and we make your day goes smoothly. It’s all part of the service.

Fire Protection Companies Sydney - protect your building

The right fire protection company works like a well oiled machine…