Oh joy, it’s that time of the year again…when you need to make sure your building is fully up to date with its fire protection plan. 

For most building managers, this means hours of extra work contacting tenants, enough paperwork to start a reasonably sized fire, and purchasing equipment that you’re not 100% sure is absolutely necessary. 

And it’s not like this is something you can ignore. Having an up to date Fire Safety Statement is a legal requirement. Failure to lodge one with your local council and Fire and Rescue carries some pretty hefty penalties. 

So how do you get through this annual process with the least headaches and the best result? How do you know if your fire protection measures are too much, not enough, or just right? 

It comes down to getting the right experts on board. 

How 2020 Fire Protection Makes Your Job Easier

2020 Fire Protection are leading experts in fireproofing and fire suppression systems. Our esteemed owner sits on the board of Fire Protection Australia. (You can guess by this we’re not your average fly-by-night operation.)

We provide excellent fire safety, and…we believe our job is to make your job easier. 

When you hire 2020 Fire Protection to manage your fire safety, that’s pretty much all you have to do. We take over coordinating with your tenants, testing all your equipment and making sure all your systems are fully compliant.

We handle all the paperwork – lodging your Fire Safety Statement, and we handle the logistics of getting the right equipment (if you need it.)

It’s an all-in-one, end-to-end operation. You get top notch service, without the usual headaches involved in getting a building fully fire safety compliant.  

Fire System Testing

An annual fire protection audit includes testing all your fire suppression systems. Depending on the design and use of your building, these can be quite extensive. 

We test and certify all types of fire systems:

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire hoses reels and hydrants
  • Automatic Fire Suppression (Sprinkler) Systems
  • Exit & Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Fire and Smoke Doors
  • Smoke & Heat Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Fire Blankets

If anything needs replacing or repair, we arrange for spare parts or replacements. It’s our job to make sure you have the best (and most cost effective) solution. That’s why we take care to specify fire safety equipment that won’t cost you a fortune by wearing out early. 

Compliance, Testing and Fire System Maintenance

Once you have the right fire safety systems installed, these need to be outlined in your Fire Safety Statement. Again, we manage the audit and will keep tabs for you on the maintenance schedule of each bit of equipment. 

Some systems need to be checked every 6 months, while others need to be tested yearly. When you hire us, keeping on top of this testing schedule is something we take care of. 

In the bigger picture, there’s a reason we take fire safety so seriously. Once a fire starts in a building, it can get out of control in just a few minutes. When that happens, the only option is to contain the fire, and total loss of property is inevitable. 

Well maintained fire suppression systems stop fires early. When you put 2020 Fire Protection in charge of your building’s fire safety, we make sure things are done right, first time. And then we ensure they stay that way. 

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