‘Competent Fire Safety Practitioners (CFSPs)’ – this is a term you will hear repeatedly in the years to come as the industry advances towards greater professionalism.

In January we welcomed the announcement of NSW Minister for Better Regulation – that from April 2020, only persons accredited as competent fire safety practitioners (CFSPs) under the Fire Protection Association Australia Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) would be authorised to endorse plans and specifications of fire safety systems. Rob Broadhead, Director of 2020 Fire Protection said:

We welcomed this as it is a small but positive step towards weeding out slackers and cowboys from of our life-protecting industry. It’s far from everything that’s needed from a regulation standpoint in NSW – but it’s definitely a positive move.

Trust a non-certified fire safety practitioner with this?

Only trust certified fire safety practitioners with this.

Then on April 3rd, we were disappointed – when the Secretary of the NSW Department of Customer Service advised that the commencement date for government recognition of the Scheme in NSW had been delayed, pushing the deadline out until July 1st.

In line with our commitment to quality, and to ensure less headaches for our customers, all our Fire Safety Practitioners we were fully accredited by the due date.

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