Solar Choice is a partner of 2020 Fire. Since 2008 they have been helping Australians select the solar installation that’s right for them.

The main reason we choose to partner with them is that they don’t sell their own solar power installations. Instead, they present all the market options, with unbiased information to choose what’s right (and best value for you).  As a result, this model has allowed SolarChoice to command significant strength in the market, and have solar installers compete for your business. More competition leads to better prices and services.

Solar Choice is paid the same referral paid a fee from the installers in our network for providing lead information on your project. This means there is no incentive to favour one over the other, only to make them compete to win your business and provide exceptional value to you. This approach has enabled Solar Choice to provide our service to over 250,000 Australian households and businesses for free for over 12 years.