2020 Fire Protection’s founder Rob Broadhead has been a member of the Strata Community Association since 2001, when it was known as ISTM (Institute of Strata Title Management).

Rob has regularly contributed his time to the Association. Highlights include:

  • Presenting the fire component of their ‘Intro to Strata’ course from 2003 to 2008.
  • Serving on the Supplier Services Committee from 2008 to 2009.
  • Re-joining the Supplier Services Committee again in 2020 – contributing time and resources to the sector.
  • Speaking at the ISTM Annual Conference in 2011.
  • Co-writing the fire component of the 2012 SCA CPD Roadshow – to help bring more knowledge to the industry.
  • Presenting at Strata events, podcasts, webinars, panels, answering technical questions for SCA and providing content to strata specific websites.
  • Assisting many Strata Management member companies with free in-house training on the implications to strata of fire protection.

Since founding his company in 2010, Rob ensured that both 2020 Fire Protection and he personally have been contributing members. Since then, 2020 Fire:

  • Supported SCA (NSW) through event attendance, technical assistance, sponsorship of events and generally promoting better general fire protection knowledge throughout the industry.
  • Became a Bronze Sponsor of SCA (NSW) in 2019.
  • Stepped up their support to Silver Sponsor status, Rob says “to allow us to better support the strata industry that our team cares so much about”.

Into the future, Rob says “the team will become even more involved in the strata industry, helping promote knowledge and understanding of our increasingly regulated industry and how to manage it with less headaches.”

In a recent thank you email, the SCA NSW President confirmed:

“Our sponsors are our trusted and preferred suppliers in their area of expertise.”

“Their commitments to SCA (NSW) enable us to deliver our mission, to give expression to the vision of a single voice and identity for the broad strata community in NSW.”

2020 Fire Protection’s success has been built on supporting and educating Strata Community Association (NSW) and its members though time saving initiatives like online bookings.

“We look forward to becoming the obvious choice for fire protection in strata by continuing and expanding that support in FY21.”

Look up the team at or call us 1300 340 210.

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