It’s the outstanding support and back up that sets 2020 Fire above the rest.

When something needs urgent attention at 4pm – the usual response is “we’ll just get someone to call in on their way home and make sure it’s fixed today”. The service team makes it seem that it is never a problem to accommodate booking changes or complex access arrangements (though I am sure it is not so simple in the background).

Most importantly, when I need an answer, or a solution to a problem, the team at 2020 come up with the answer. The team goes above and beyond to explain why a particular repair needs to be done. Recently 3 team members remained at their office after hours to sit down and explain a complex fire solution. That extra effort enabled me to assist the Strata Committee to make an informed decision and ultimately implement the solution.

The past year has been fraught with obstacles including Covid 19 restrictions and the introduction of Fire Safety Practitioner Reforms. 2020 Fire rapidly implemented a Covid safe plan so that inspections could proceed and Annual Fire Safety Statements lodged on time.

The Team is always prepared to listen to suggestions (and sometimes criticism) and implement solutions. They value the customer, and importantly, as a customer, I am made to feel valued.