This point was pondered after speaking to a new customer (& property owner).   We conducted the first test & found that a 36 metre long fire hose reel on their site was 42 metres (& a couple of corners & a door) away from the furthest point of the building.   Their response was ‘why do you fire people always find things wrong…….?  This is exactly what we didn’t want‘. 

Their response came as a bit of a shock, as I believed we were employed to ensure the fire protection equipment operated correctly so the property & persons in it were safe.   I also know that the hose reel is the first line of defence- the equipment used by you or me to make sure the little fire doesn’t become a disaster.  

It made me think………would they rather I said after a fire- ‘I knew it didn’t reach, but I didn’t think you’d want to know‘?

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