Having reliable and compliant fire protection in Sydney includes the maintenance of all the right fire protection systems for your building. 

There’s the obvious safety systems like fire alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers and hose reels. Then there’s the less obvious ones, like fire doors, fire seals, emergency lighting, and fire paths of travel.

The easiest way to make sure your building is fully compliant is to hire a professional fire protection company (like yours truly) to make the whole process easy and seamless. 

The Three Stages of Fire Protection in Sydney

Fire protection for your Sydney building comes in three stages: 

Fire Safety Design
Fire design is important when you’re first installing fire suppression systems. The design should include a plan and spec list of what’s needed or a fully compliant building.  

Fire Protection Installation
This step involves getting the fire protections installed and tested. After this stage is completed, you will have fully functioning fire protection in place. 

Fire System Maintenance
This is the part that carries on, and on, and on…and can be a headache if you don’t have the right fire protection company taking care of things for you.   

To make sure your building remains fire-safe, all the fire protection services need to be properly maintained. This includes inspection and testing as required by Australian Standards AS1851-2012, repairs and maintenance, the documentation that goes along with this and the inspection and verification of performance by an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) or APFS. 

If you keep your fire safety documentation up date, all the heavy lifting has already been done when it comes time for your Annual Fire Safety Statement to be lodged with your local council.

Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection for your building can include essential systems, like fire alarms, sprinklers, smoke doors, fire extinguishers & hose reels. Depending on the tenancy, you may require more complex systems for high-risk uses .

When it comes to your building’s fire safety management, 2020 Fire Protection has you covered with a turnkey solution. There’s a reason our clients tend to stick with us for the long haul. It’s simple. We’re very good at what we do, and we make your job as a building manager easy. 

We organise all the paperwork you need, and arrange your annual fire safety statement. We have an easy booking service that’s 100% online (no call waiting or phone tag.)

Once you’re a client, you’ll have a dedicated manager who knows your building  systems & tenant needs. Our aim is to make fire protection compliance simple for you. 

The bottom line with fire safety in Sydney is that if there’s a fire, you want all the fire systems to kick in automatically as soon as possible. This saves lives, and prevents massive property damage. 

2020 Fire Protection can look after all your fire safety needs in the most hassle-free way, guaranteed.

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